Pelvic Floor Health

Dr Dilgir has an interest in pelvic floor health and trained specifically in this area as part of her advanced training.   She feels it’s an area that women are often embarrassed to discuss.  She encourages women to be more open about pelvic floor matters so the subject becomes less taboo.  


Things you may see Dr Dilgir for include –


  • Pelvic floor prolapse (vaginal bulge)
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Complications of birth trauma (e.g. scars that have healed poorly, laxity)
  • Painful intercourse


Interested in finding out more and booking an appointment? Contact Dr. Dilgir today and see how she can help you flourish.

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Dr Dilgir is a gynaecologist joining private practice in the Gold Coast and Byron Bay Area. She offers comprehensive care in both obstetrics and gynaecology to women across all stages of their lives.


She has an interest in pelvic floor dysfunction including prolapse and incontinence and is especially passionate about birth trauma and sexual dysfunction.


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